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2022 Holidays

Posted on December 31, 2019 at 11:00 PM

Our office will be closed in observance of the following holidays in 2022:

January 17 (Monday) — Martin Luther King Jr. Day


February 21 (Monday) — Presidents Day


May 30 (Monday) — Memorial Day


July 4 (Monday) — Independence Day


September 5 (Monday) — Labor Day


October 10 (Monday) — Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples' Day


November 11 (Friday) — Veterans Day


November 24 (Thursday) — Thanksgiving


November 25 (Friday) — Thanksgiving


December 26 (Monday) — Christmas Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on March 15, 2016 at 3:10 PM

How can I modify my support?

At this time, our office does not assist in filing for support modifications on anyone’s behalf. We can provide you with the forms you need in order to file the appropriate motion to have your support amount reviewed, or you can download them from the internet from the 'helpful links' section toward the bottom of the home page.


What is my arrears balance?

An arrears calculation, or comparison of all months owed, against all money paid, is the only way to get an accurate balance on your account at this time. Please call our office and ask to speak to your case manager.


Why didn’t I receive documents or letters from your office?

You will need to make sure you have updated your address with our office directly. Updating your address with KPC does NOT update your address with our office. We will only send mail to the last known address we have on file for you and if you have not notified us you have moved, you will miss out on important communication from our office. In most cases you are under court orders to notify us of your change of address or phone number within 10 days of moving or changing your number.


Who is my case worker?

Our case workers are assigned by the last name of the person who is ordered to pay. All case workers can be reached by calling our main telephone number of (785) 235-0400.

Can I talk to any case worker? Why do I have to wait for mine?

 Each case worker has a certain number of cases they have to maintain and we try to limit extra time away from their own caseloads for working on other cases. Additionally, your case worker is the person who is most familiar with your case and is the best person to help you.


Why do you ask for my case number every time I call?

Our receptionist will ask for your case number every time you call in order to figure out which case worker to transfer your call to, and also to provide your case information to your case worker before your call is transferred.  This allows the case worker to have your case pulled up and ready to discuss, which maximizes time efficiency for you as well as us.

I left a message on my case worker's voicemail this morning and my call has not been returned

Due to the number of calls our office receives, our policy allows for a 24 hour turnaround time on phone calls. You can realistically expect to receive a return call by the next business day. If you have been waiting longer than that, please let us know.


Can I talk to Marc White directly?

Our policy is that you will always speak with your case worker first and if (s)he is unable to resolve your issue, (s)he may then choose to have you speak with Marc White.

What is the phone number to contact KPC?



If You Are Ordered to Pay…


Do I have to go to court?

In order to be excused from any court docket date, you must call our office one week prior to your court date and speak to your case worker. You must also have been paying regularly since your last court date.

Can I make payments over the phone?

Yes. Our office accepts credit and debit card payments for support. (Please note that there is a 3.5% fee added onto your payment for this service)  You can also make a debit/credit card paymnet on the main oage of our website by clicking on "Pay Support Online Here". The Kansas Payment Center also accepts credit/debit payments on their website, but not over the phone. 

I gave you my employment information,  why haven’t you taken the money out?

Once we receive your employment information, we send an Income Withholding Order to your employer. From the date we prepare the Order until the date payments come into the Kansas Payment Center can take up to six weeks. In the meantime, until you see payments are being taken out of your check, you need to be making payments on your own either to our office or to the Kansas Payment Center. Your obligation to pay does not end with reporting your employer to our office.


My Ex does not let me have visitation with my child so why should I pay child support?

Child support and visitation are considered separate issues under the law and one does not have anything to do with the other. Once you are court ordered to pay support, nothing stops you from having to pay except another court order stopping or changing the amount you pay. Additionally, custody and visitation issues are not something we are able to assist you with in our office.  However, you may be able to find some useful information in our 'Helpful Links' section on the main page.


If You Are Owed Support…


Where is my money? I usually get paid on Monday, today is Tuesday and I don’t have my payment.

There are various reasons for a payment to be late, sometimes the mail has been delayed, sometimes the payroll person has been off work and processed payroll late, sometimes payroll was processed on time but checks were not sent out for several days. Without calling the employer we have no way of knowing why your payment is later than it usually is and we will almost never call them for a payment being 1-2 days late. Wait until the following week and if you still have not received your regular payment you can call our office about it. Please note, however, that payments are not technically considered “late” until the first day of the following month.


Do you charge a fee for your services? Who pays this fee? How much is the fee? Why do you have a fee?

Our fee is 4% of the money paid into KPC on a case. Many times this fee is split between the parties. You can check this by looking at the end of your child support worksheet to see if there is an amount listed on the line which reads “enforcement fee”. We charge this fee to cover overhead expenses and pay our staff to monitor your case for payments and to file the necessary paperwork to get the Non Custodial Parent paying and keep them paying.


My ex gets paid every two weeks but I am not getting half of the money each time. Am I being shorted?

No. When people get paid every 2 weeks there are actually 26 pay periods in a year instead of 24 and you will also get paid 26 times in a year instead of 24. To figure out the amount you should be receiving do the following: We will give examples using the amount of $250 owed in support, per month. When the Non-Custodial Parent is paid:


Weekly— take the full amount you are owed per month x 12 (months in the year) and divide by 52 (weeks/pay periods in the year) $250 x 12 = 3000 / 52 = $57.69 per week


Bi-weekly—take the full amount you are owed per month x 12 (months in the year) and divide by 26 (pay periods in the year) $250 x 12 = 3000 / 26 = $115.38 every two weeks


Bi-monthly—take the full amount you are owed per month and divide by 2.   $250 / 2 = $125.00


Monthly — the full amount should come in once a month


How long will it be before I see payment from the Income Withholding Order that was just sent?

On average, it takes about six weeks from the day an Income Withholding Order is prepared, until a payment is received at Kansas Payment Center. The reason for this is because the order must first be signed by a judge, then the clerk's office at the courthouse gives it to the Sheriff's office who sends the Order out by certified mail.  The Post Office can take several weeks to deliver something, now that everything gets routed through Kansas City.  Once the employer has received and signed for the Income Withholding Order, they have 14 days to begin withholding from any paychecks.  Once they have begun withholding, they have seven business days to get the payment they withheld to KPC. When we are able to obtain a fax number we will typically fax the order as well, in order to try speed things up but that is not always possible.


Has a payment been made on my case?

You can check that information by looking up your case on the Kansas Payment Center website under Helpful Links on our Home Page


When will I receive my payment / Where is it now?

Unless the payment was received in our office we have almost no way of knowing when your next payment will come in or when you will receive it. If the payments have been coming in on a regular schedule from an employer, you can usually expect to receive your payment within the week you would normally expect to receive it, unless there has been a change of employment or other factor. On average, once a payment is received at the Kansas Payment Center, you can expect to receive that payment anywhere from 2-5 days after it posts at KPC.  You can check to see if a payment has posted at KPC by clicking the 'Check for a Payment' link in our Helpful Links section.

Will you be taking my ex's tax refunds to pay back support?

Our office is unable to collect from Federal tax refunds, however we can intercept a State of Kansas tax refund.  If this is something you would like us to do, please call our office and ask your case manager to send you the appropriate form to fill out and return to our office.